Our roots

Tirol 2012 044
Like every flower, every plant on this wonderful planet, humans also need their sources which they have lost in the course of industrialization and modernization. In the greatest cosmopolitan cities – the icons of globalization and “development” – we have distanced ourselves in frightening ways from our origins and our own sources, or, as one could say, from our inner self. In the turbulances of this new millennium, we have forgotten how dependent we are from where we came from. Just like vegetation will only be lush and prosperous near a river mankind cannot survive in the artificial, isolated fakeness of modernity where people have cut all ties with nature, its resources, their culture and their spirits within. This is what many westerners unfortunately still fail to realize. In the chants and rituals, in the myths and cosmologies of many indigeneous and non-western cultures one may still find a stronger awareness of our roots. This should remind us that there is something much deeper and more valuable than the highest skyscraper, the fastest airplane, or the most luxurious hotel. A meadow of flowers is much rarer and can certainly reveal us more of the secrets of life.


About stephanhaderer

A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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