What is art?


I must say that one of the most difficult questions in life is the question of what is art. There is not one correct answer to this, but there are two mistakes people can make: They can overinterpret something trivial and label it as “art” – a sort of marketing strategy for personal benefits. Or, they can fail to notice art and honor it the way the artist would deserve it.
Now to me art is the great power of inspiration, an expression of one’s soul that has the power to touch and move other people in the most wonderful, magical ways. Art goes beyond self-interest because it is rational only to a limited degree. A very compelling novel, a melancholic symphony, a glass tower, an Italian-style oil painting on canvas, a graffito on a wall, a modern art sculpture representing who knows what, a black and white silent movie, a cave painting or an aboriginal painted piece of bark – all this can be art as long as it inspires other people. The fascinating thing is that many objects undergo their own symbolic transformation before they are recognized as art. Think of an indigenous woman weaving a piece of cloth out of necessity because the winters are horribly cold. She wouldn’t think of herself as an artist. Only the curiosity of others who felt inspired by the beauty of her work can make her an artist, if she is aware of it or not.


About stephanhaderer

A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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