A personal Christmas message 2013


Christmas has become a festival that is now celebrated all over the world. It has lost its exclusive religious character and now people living in Asia and many Arab countries have Christmas trees. Coming from a country where the Christmas tree and Silent Night are said to be born, these special days have a great meaning for me. The act of gift giving and sharing joy is a universal good, known in every culture throughout many centuries. It is not the consumerism but the shaping and strengthening of a community spirit – in big or small circles, among families or friends – and the true sensation of gratitude that ought to be remembered.

This year, I could celebrate the creation of this blog, a good health, many travels and nice experiences I shared with different people. Some of my dreams I could realize, others are still to be fulfilled. To all the visitors of this blog I wish a very merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year 2014, where they will also fulfill their dreams. I would like to thank everybody for their interest in this blog, in my stories and creative writing which I consider a precious gift that I would like to share with you in the coming years as well.


Yours dearly,



About stephanhaderer

A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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