London Apr 2014 132

In our modern industrialized world, we keep being told that sensitivity is a flaw, a lack of power and strength. This way of thinking reflects the misinterpretation of our world and of the true essence of life. A sensitive person sees the world much clearer than others, because they have the ability to empathize. It is sensitivity that makes us human, and it is sensitivity that distinguishes us from machines. Sensitive persons are not weak, feeble or unqualified for anything; they are stronger characters than others because all the strength to create lies in their profound spirit. It is this inner strength which many people are scared of, as it will set limits to domination by others and it gives way to more love and acceptance.


About stephanhaderer

A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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