A personal Christmas Message 2016

How hard to believe that another year has passed since my last Christmas message. Among all turbulences and all revolutionary social and political developments that have been going on in many parts of the world we may have forgotten about this celebration. But no matter if you celebrate Christmas and no matter where you are, there needs to be a time for reflection. A time to focus, a time to think about certain events, about relations – be they international, business or personal relations. Due to my cultural and personal background, I consider Christmas to be the perfect cause for reflection. In my region this holiday coincides with the dark season where people tend to withdraw into their houses because of the cold outside and sit by a warm fireplace. It is a great season to meditate in order to get a clearer perspective.

The year 2016 has been full of changes that were not always welcomed by the public, the media and not even by policymakers. On the one hand it’s scary how policymakers still attempt to overlook and carelessly neglect the needs and choices of their people on purpose and how they refuse to change their positions in order to remain in power. On the other hand, however, these powerful people underestimate the chances of a globalized world.

Gone is the Middle Age where the public was left in the dark, without any knowledge and unaware of how to counter the ones in power. Globalization and its innovations may pose a lot of risks to our individuality and our independence – just think of surveillance, data storage and a more and more ruthless and insecure labor market. However, globalization also offers us great chances and an unforeseen potential to learn and to grow. Creativity has no limits anymore and we can exchange and trade knowledge around the world.

Of course, this freedom – the freedom of creative expression – may also be seen as a danger to all those who are against positive changes and only interested in their interests. But never before have creative and alternative ways of living been so abundant. Just think of how many people have come up with ideas of alternative healing and think of how many alternative media offer us a totally different kind of truth than what the mainstream media try to present us every day and quite aggressively. Not to speak about alternative economic models and an alternative way to western democracy which, obviously, has reached its limits with the European Union in many ways.

This year has been a very creative time for me and therefore I am grateful. I owe my ideas, to a large part, to my trips to China and Algeria in 2016. Even in these remote countries it was very important for me to find some time for reflection. I found it in temples, in mosques and in churches and in the stunning green oases in the middle of large cities. But I also found it as I wrote my articles and prepared for an interview.

I wish all of you plenty of time for reflection and to unfold your creative potential which we all have and just need to reveal and release. May you get inspired by your encounters, trips and, of course, by the stories published on this blog as well.



Winter landscape

Winter scenery for Christmas


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A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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