A personal Christmas Message 2017

Dear blog community, dear readers,

Christmas and the coming end of the year should be a time for self-reflection and sharing. It is a time to meditate about our experiences, but also the season to meet friends and family or to find solace in a community or on a journey.

I’m speaking from my own experience when I write about loss. The loss of beloved people is a natural process of life. Yet we need to find our own personal and spiritual ways to cope with loss. Memory may be important to us. However, dwelling in the past mostly saddens us even more and we forget to live the precious moments of today. These were also the words of famous spiritual guide and mentor Louise L. Hay, who passed away this summer at the age of 90. Her thoughts and inspiration are truly something priceless. They are her legacy. Every person leaves a legacy to this world – even if this is something modest like a garden, a smile on a child’s face or a path we used to walk together.

In a digital age where everything moves faster and faster, we often tend to forget these human aspects of life. Self-reflection and sharing thus become even more important to live life even more intensively.

In spite of losing some very dear people this year, I’m also grateful for encountering very creative and inspirational persons with whom I can share my creativity. I’m positive to board on a great adventure in the next years that will take me on another level.

Of course, I also had the chance to live precious moments of the present in the mountains and wilds of my own country and far away. Among other countries, I visited the Middle East, a region that has been haunted by ethnic strife and religious conflicts for many centuries.

May Christmas be a time of union and peace even in areas where people are struggling to survive and misguided by false ideas of spirituality and greedy elites of power.

May a spirit of self-reflection and sharing replace self-righteousness and any feeling of supremacy.

To all the community and readers around the world I wish




christmas image


About stephanhaderer

A traveler for life, anthropologist, philanthropist, hobby journalist, political analyst, writer, screenwriter, on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom & harmony.
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