About this website

This blog offers you an alternative insight into geopolitics, the mechanisms of power and the backgrounds behind international conflicts.

How are events around the world related to each other? Which are the real causes and interrelations of developments that are often too complex to fully grasp and comprehend in a world where we get stuffed with information and media bias?

Finally, this blog is meant to show you how important it is to be critical, reflective and questioning – because very often the stories we get aren’t the only truth just because they are printed or broadcast in mainstream media channels.

Why read this blog?

There are a number of good reasons why to read this blog. I’ll name just a few:

  • I’m a free and independent author. This means I’m not restricted to and dependent on the directives of any medium, a political party, a profit-oriented business enterprise or NGO.
  • This blog is one among few that combines anthropological with socio-political insights. Usually, journalists don’t know about anthropological tools of analysis. Their company often tells them whom to interview and what to publish. I don’t follow this path.
  • I try to go beyond a western point of view. My travels help me doing so. I look beyond mainstream media into new horizons. And I’m happy to learn new things.
  • This blog is both regional and international. That’s why I try to summarize my German articles in English and often publish English texts.
  • I don’t only focus on politics. However, I want to show you and all the moviegoers that even movies and art have inherent political messages.